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Frequently asked questions

Q: How much is the cost of a custom GV guitar?

A: Depending on the requested specs (design, wood, construction, hardware, electronics, finish, etc.) your custom guitar price range would be around 2300-3000€. It includes a fully customized guitar in all details. You can decide whether the above price range fits into your budget.

Q: How can I order a custom GV guitar?

A: Use the contact form on the bottom of our pages to ask a proposal with detailed calculation and design mockup. To initiate the process we will ask you to pay a 100€ deposit ( a Paypal invoice will be sent).* The deposit on your side will ensure us about your commitment, while on our side will cover the cost of the detailed calculation and to create the design mockup. The deposit will be deducted from the final price. After we received the payment we can start to discuss the details about your requested model: design, wood, hardware, electronics, finish). It's a successive process with many refinement steps until you get the image of your dream guitar! :) When all details are clear we create a precise calculation and visualisation of your custom guitar.

Q: How should I pay for my custom GV guitar?

A: After the design process finished, we calculate the raw material price and send the advance payment Paypal invoice with a pre-contract (including all the agreed details) to you. The advance payment is minimum 50% of the final price (except the costs of the raw material + parts would exceed the 50% of the final price, then the advance payment could be higher). After the advance payment received we purchase all materials and parts that we don't have on stock and start the manufacturing. The steps will be documented and we will provide you photos about the progress. After we finished the guitar, shipping method will be discussed and shipping price calculated. We will send a Paypal Invoice with the remaining part of the payment incl. shipping.** When the payment received we carefully pack your guitar and hand it over to the shipping service. We will send you the tracking information.

Q: Can you make the shape like XY?

A: Yep, (but we don’t like copying 1 on 1) whatever was already made, we are able to make too. The rest is just depends on agreement.

Q: I created my own shape, can you make it?

A: If you show it us, we can tell you. If the wood allows that shape, then we can build it.

Q: How much time takes to finish a guitar?

A: Well, since everything is made by hand, also every detail can be customized. Your orded could be fulfilled in appx. 4-6 moths. (After all parts needed for your guitar is stocked)

Q: Why are your instruments more expensive than the original?

A: The big factories has automatised lines and mass production, thus can they reach such a low prices. Also they usually have their factories in east, where the labour is extremely cheap. We are making the instruments with our own hands, from selected woods and quality hardware. So if they are any special needs we will fulfil them too. If these are not really a criteria for you then you probably don’t need a custom. Choose the original/factory instead.

Q: What pickup brands are you using and recommend?

A: We can install any standard (Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, EMG) or not standard (various custom made) pickups into your instrument. In general we are recommending Kent Armstrong pickups for serious vintagers, BareKnuckle and Lundgren, EMG and SD for metalheads, Sublime for those who needs a really custom experience.

Q: What preamp (active electronics) brands are you using and recommend?

A: We can install almost any brand which you wish. We recommend mostly Zolkow electronics. It is a rising Hungarian manufacture with great properties, like low hum, from 2 to 4 band, and frequency selection for each band.

Q: Where are you located at?

A: Our workshop is Slovakia (Europe).

Q: Do you ship outside of europe?

A: Yes we ship world wide, but the customs and taxes are should be handled by you.

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